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Introducing Singer, Songwriter, And Producer Reilly with "Make U Believe"

Introducing Reilly with "Make U Believe" Reilly is a 20 year old singer, song writer, and producer from Denver, Colorado. He makes mostly indie pop music right from his bedroom and he draws influence from older indie/pop/rock music like beach boys to name one. Influenced by Kanye West in the manner of self producing and the capability to do everything himself. He's also influenced by the likes of George Michael, The Strokes and Elvis Presley. Personally i'm not the biggest fan of Elvis still even though its undeniable he has great records, Reilly has a similar story to Elvis in a refreshing way. Reilly fights for our country all the while making killer music, yes he's in the military while still making amazing music, I just said that. This young man is an artist, full and full, the real deal, what people look for. What labels look for. Just think to yourself, how easy would it be to give a budget to Reilly with him making music in his bedroom and doing photo shoots on his own? I could also bet that within 5 years, (2 if he keeps it up) he will get a proposal and take over the genre(s) within the music industry. Reilly says "I don't worry too much about what genre it is that i fall under, i just want it to sound good. i'm enjoying my steady growth as a producer, and i believe that i will only get better!" And I believe... he's absolutely right. Listen now and believe with us.




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