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Introducing Romanchikki With "December 7th"

Introducing Romanchikki today with his latest single "December 7th". This is a hip-hop/lofi song about and unattainable girl and warped reality. The instrumental is hard and thick while still being beautiful with its christmas inspired sounds with its bells, and possibly an old christmas single sample. The musician is consistent with the lyricism and theres no bored moments in the song at one moment. From the very beggining with the tease moments, thats what we call it, when he goes "7, alright, 7 stands for love". We knew something hard was about to come and he was going to explain why the single is really called what its called. This is very reminiscent to Jaden Smith when he does boom bap, and a lot of Childish Gambino to us personally while we're sure he has other influences. Listen below.


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