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Introducing Rhea Sun With "Leaving"

Introducing Rhea Sun, A Singer/Songwriter from the U.K. "Leaving" is her 2nd single to date, and its quite impressive, vocally and instrumental wise. It's available now on Macklife Records. The single is a dance hall-tingled R&B jingle at the same time. Produced by Mark Morrison and Shaun Bailey . The song is about leaving or walking away from a complicated or toxic relationship. A Roger Russell directed music video is in works currently to be released later this month. After being signed to Mark Morrison to his Macklife label in the start of 2020, Rhea is influenced by other singers like Ari Lennox, Sabrina Claudio and Mahlia. Rhea has a unique and smooth voice that is also full while still being luscious, I suspect a lot of great things to happen for the artist and we hope to definitely hear more, can't wait for the music video to go along with the single.



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