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Introducing "Reve" With "Holding Back"

After beginning her career recording on whatever she could find, she joined forces in 2019 with Vancouver producer & mix engineer, KULTARGOTBOUNCE, with guidance from creative directors at Dontdoze Art Co. In doing so, she chose a new identity inspired by it’s definition and her experience in the independent artist space.

Her music is vividly portrayed in the way she describes her lived experience of disconnectedness and alienation. REVÈ binds lyrics with melodies; her powerhouse vocals are complemented by expressions of soulful sentimentality. Her latest single starts off with a luscious pad and bells with her soft and full vocal, the bass guitar gets you grooving and this is definitely a rainy mood and tea kind of song. Her voice isn't something that I can really compare which is not a bad thing, actually a great thing showing that she has a sound of her own. With the writing here you can tell this artist is bound to blossom into the artist they hope to become. The hook is is something that grabs your attention although its a short song its definitely meant to be on repeat, take a listen below.


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