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Introducing OLI With "Cry"

Beginning with OLI’s irresistible vocals and gently crescendoing synths, ‘Cry’ implores the therapeutic benefits of crying to help make sense of our problems. “I specifically wanted ‘Cry’ to focus on that numb feeling, when you’re unable to even process your emotions and let them go.” OLI explains, “The constant back and forth of knowing something isn’t right inside but wanting to keep going and not seem weak. I’ve always felt crying in general is underappreciated.” Oli is a new artist on our radar that we've only stumbled upon recently, and we must say that her sonics are purely refreshing. When it comes down to the beat choice, and the nice and relaxing sax being played during the single, which makes you feel a certain way already, it's stunning that the single has you anticipating for some sort of drop but it never comes. Oli's vocals definitely hold up the single here making you listen and stay in tune for more. Listen below.



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