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Introducing Moodsupply with "Forever"

Introducing Moodsupply with their funky track "Forever". For the love of Soul / Funk / Disco, Moodssupply creates Groove Music. They told us, We are stoked to put our new single "Forever" in front of you. A co-lab with the strongly talented Montéa Albouy from Paris France. A soulful journey, mixing funky grooves with an essence of Nu-Disco and Electro. We dare you to listen and sit still with this one 😊. With Montéa delivering stellar vocals in the language of love combined with good-ole English in the chorus, it has truly become a feel-good track crossing borders. The song has been written with our planet in mind, hence the choice of the cover: One World. One Love. Forever. Watch the video and bust out the flare jeans.



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