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Introducing Mattwalksonwater With "Gotham"

Mattwalksonwater (that sure is a mouthful) is an artist from Ohio. In his biography he states "If Synth-Wave and Chopped & Screwed had a baby and they would have named it mATTwALKSoNwATER. Little is known about the singer/rapper but his latest track "Gotham" is almost what it sounds like, night time, except without batman beating up on defenseless villains. The single is beautifully sung and Mattwalksonwater shows us that he has range as well. The track is perfect for when alone, although you can definitely play around people. It's the perfect night time song for when you're zoning, the song you choose on the way home from a party. The single tells a story of the artist feeling good off of a "bean". Of course he's feeling good, and maybe even enough to save someone in the dark city. The track is also reminiscent to Nav, being from Ohio the artist definitely sounds cold, and like he's been through cold and tough times. Checking through his soundcloud he collaborates with other frequently, we hope to hear more as he develops.




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