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Introducing Madeline With "Nice"

“Nice”, written by Madeline, Maxwell Musick and Jack Kleinick, explores the idea of superficiality over a bright, bouncy bassline. The song comes from Dallas-raised alternative singer-songwriter Madeline's new A-B single “Nice/Wake Up”. “The word ‘nice’ kept popping into my head, and I thought about how people always just say ‘nice’ as kind of an empty, passive answer. It made me think of people who think the world revolves around them and that it’s nice of them to give people the time of day. The more and more you look at this person's actions, they might not be that nice of a person.” Madelines newest single "Nice" to us a warm welcome in our eyes as we discover her discography and begin to tune into her artistry. Listening at first we notice that Madeline is a new artist but she has a ton of promise with her vocals that sound not so edited, meaning we know that there wasn't an engineer cutting and altering her vocals, its raw, and real talent. When it comes down to writing as well its hard to find people who treat the writing as poetry still these days and not just more words. Take a listen below.



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