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Introducing Maddisun with Emotional Reggae Tune "In The End"

Maddisun is a Canadian indie-folk artist with dreamy soulful vocals and expressive lyrics. Writing feel-good music from the heart. She easily connects with her fans and audience and leaves them with a feeling of comfort and acceptance. She says "This is a powerhouse of a track! A genre bend of reggae, soul, pop, and rock! Very soulful and strong vocals. I really had the groove and funk going on when we recorded this track. So much fun. Therese lots of ear candy and fun aux percussion in this track. Of course the lyrics are directly inspired by a breakup in which I got cheated on. That's all there is to know!" The track stars off with a reggae vibe, the artist is quick with her vocal note changes, while there is room for improvement because she's a newer artist, her ideas are very clear and almost reminiscent to fellow Canadian artist Black Atlass. Although even in the cover art she seems to be in a place with a lot of light, as she told us, it's about hurt. We hope to see more development from Maddisun, and you should stick along and take note, Take a listen now!


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