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Introducing Lola Scott With "Jogging Shoes"

With just a few unique and addictive indie-pop singles to her name, Lola Scott is proving herself as a creative force in Sydney’s music scene. The classically trained guitarist is a self-proclaimed band-geek gone rogue, who has transitioned from touring internationally as a session musician, to relentlessly unleashing her solo project on the world. This track was written over a tea night with my friend Abby. We sat in my living room and vented some boy talk while I cradled my nylon baby. I found myself dating a once stranger who had moved into my house & wrote this petty track after the break up. We’re still mates unless he reads this lol. I made a bunch of bad life decisions through out this EP but they made for alright writing. I was a little heartbroken but I chose to mask that by some shitty remarks coated in sarcasm. It was a lot easier to say ‘fuck it i’m fine’ than dwell on our short lived romance. The single caught my eye, or ear, with the lyrics. When you hear the "fuck it, i'm fine" its very relative, its relative to the feeling of shrugging off that feeling that should actually be having you eating ice-cream at 11pm. Take a listen below.


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