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Introducing Kid Riz With His Catchy Track "COCOON"

Kid Riz is a Montreal native who's all about making good music. Creating music is not new to this 19-year-old who grew up with a musical family. When he turned 14 he developed a knack for music and was influenced by the likes of Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, and more. He quickly realized that this was his calling and after finishing high school he decided to give college a break and concentrate on his music. As an emerging Montreal artist, Kid Ruiz has landed on opening acts for Rich da Kid and Flip Dinero back in 2019. He was also invited to one of Canada's biggest hip hop festivals called "METRO METRO" but unfortunately, all have been cancelled due to the pandemic that has put the world at a standstill for the greater good of mankind.

Kid Riz loves to mash up his styles and create music that will speak to the masses, his infectious flow and catchy melodies is what makes him unique. I would say his style is a cross between twisted-Pop, Soul-trap, and smoked-out R&B. His First EP "Risky Business" was a testament to this. Following his latest track "COCOON" it starts off with a slow beat leading onto his intoxicating sound that graps's your attention. Kid Ruiz introduces a music video for this track and it capture's the whole feel of the track. Having a late night drive and just vibing. The chorus would have to be my favorite part " Ima take a ride take a ride to the moon, fly so high Ima see you soon it's time to leave my "COCOON", I've been seeing double like I'm sipping too much juice" it's so catchy to the ear that'll you want to listen to the rest of this track. Kid Riz's ability to create these types of songs that are uniquely his own is what will make him emerge in 2020.





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