Introducing ION LIL GUT With "Highschool"

ION LIL GUT is a fresh and new artist on our radar, today we're going to be introducing fresh and new blood that is blossoming on the scene with a music video featured on Elevator released a bit around 2 years ago. Sounding better than ever the single still holds up with todays sound of 808's and recklessness. The single is defintely for the enjoyers of Lil Pump, and Lil Peep we firmly believe. From the vocal mix to the instrumental, everything is sounding great and clear to the T. We believe that ION LIL GUT has the stomach to beome one of the stars of the future, take a listen below and watch the music video to see what we mean. It's not often you get an artist that has the whole package ready to go.


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