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Introducing Gigi Mota With "Say Something"

Introducing Gigi Mota, a singer/songwriter from Dominican Republic with "Say Something". The single was written in 2018 on a drive to a house party. This song was inspired by the attraction that we can feel towards a person, but that we never get to express because we know that in the long run it is an impossible relationship. Gigi says she recorded the demo as a rock song and forgot all about it, then, one night, listening to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight", the inspiration came for a new sound to it, but it wasn't until January 2021 when Dominican producers Jose Victor Olivier and Gian Rojas worked their magic on the track and here we are. To us the single is very reminiscent to fellow Dominican musician 070 shake, with the chorus and stacking in the single. Take a listen below to see what we mean!


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