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Introducing Filipino Duo Makro With Luscious "Keys"

"Makro" is a collaborative project created by two Filipino-American R&B artists - guitarist/producer, Eric Makapugay and singer/songwriter, Kris Ruaro. They said "The idea behind the song is that you need trust in a relationship as much you need your "keys" to run your car. In the song, Makro is asking for someone to give him their keys, translating over to him asking for their trust." The single starts off with a soft guitar melody and then they don't have us waiting long for the first verse. The production for the song is definitely minimal but the mix makes it sounds full, and the track is over all very meditative. The band reminds me of Frank Ocean in the nostalgic manner and some writing. It makes me wish the band was a "Blonded" signee, take a listen now and feel mesmerized.



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