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Introducing Elyar With Addicting Track "High Every Weekend"

Rising artist, songwriter and producer from London, Elyar, releases ‘High Every Weekend’; the 3rd single leading up to his debut EP. Our first time listening to this artist but we know without a doubt it'll be our last. High Every Weekend is multidimensional song about two people that have little in common but share a desire for heightened experience of life; if only for weekends. Elyar asks the listener a question; is that really so wrong? After nurturing an international audience, Elyar took time out to build his own studio, refocus and develop his sound which I commend him for, not a lot of artist these days are doing what he does, and efficiently so. A feeling everyone's felt before, the single again is about a relationship or friendship that is strictly reserved for when we aren't busy, or are feeling like escaping the current tough situation, a person that is your escape. The different vocal effects on the track are very dangerous if you're alone, in bed, or driving at night, warning... you will feel the artists emotions to a fault from the abrupt stops to the hi pitch changes. Elyar speaks on the process of creating the track: "The song was originally a freestyle I'd done in 2016 over a 4 bar loop before I'd even considered starting to produce my own music... Every few months from that point, I would have a lyric or a melody from the freestyle come to my head; but I ignored it because I thought the project was lost and felt the urge to just create new music." Make sure to listen now and do not miss out on this special artist, we do hope to hear more.



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