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Introducing Dog With "Within"

Dog (Samuel Wilton) began his musical journey at age 14, crafting beats for hours out of his childhood bedroom in Oklahoma. Years of facing personal challenges due to learning differences led him to pack his bags and move to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time, a pivotal turning point in the artist’s story that is expounded upon in his single, “Within”. Self-producing and singing on three mixtapes, he shaped his sound and persona as Dog. Genre-defying indie artist Dog gets inside his head in his latest single, “Within.” The intimate single sees Dog opening up in lyrics that reveal the hardships he faced in his journey to becoming the face-tattooed popstar he is today. Influenced by hip hop, indie-pop, and emo music, “Within” is a revealing look into the mind of the West Coast up-and-comer. We don't often write about songs that feature people who pride themselves in being in the emo community, the vocals themselves within the single gives it away. What we mean in particular is usually the emo genres, they sing in a certain way and feeling that really gets me secretely connected. When im listening to music like this or this single in particiular, I do feel that connection of mutality while listening to the sonics. The lyics are extremely heart felt, especially the groove within the hook. The song length is exactly perfect because if it was another two minute single, we think the single- while it would have double the streams,- we would find ourselves repeating it over and over. Take a listen for yourself what we mean.


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