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Introducing DiZ With "One Step Closer" Ft. Young Wabo

DiZ is an 18 year old Rapper, Producer and Saxophonist from Boston MA. He came up with the Cambridge based collective Illegal Advisory, but went on to pursue a solo career. DiZ' sound is influenced by rappers like Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM, and Saxophonists like lester young and Braxton Cook. DiZ music as a form of introspection that is very relatable for his listeners. The single consists of a hard, yet relaxing beat that the listener can kick back and listen to accompanied by bars and amazing word play from both the musicians. This is for the enjoyers of Earl Sweatshirt and Redveil. Diz tells us "This is my first collab with Young Wabo. The song is about finding hope in the world and looking on the brighter side. I have seen more and more success in my music and it gives me hope, so that's where this song comes from."



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