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Introducing Dayce With "Impatient"

Shaan (Lil Late) had recently met a girl and was experiencing the feelings of excitement and uncertainty that are typical at the start of a new relationship. We wanted to encapsulate that feeling in an uplifting, “let’s runaway together” type song. But the twist this time is that the protagonist is literally downstairs waiting (impatiently) for their partner in crime to finish getting ready so they can go on another adventure. Impatient was one of those songs that came together super organically, both the concept and the musical ideas flowed out of us uninterrupted. The single is very reminiscent to a Post Malone if he didn't smoke so many cigarettes' or had his raspy vocal. The single sounds professional and luscious down from the hooks to the effects, this group is definitely on the 2021-2022 watch list to see what they do next, take a listen below.


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