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Introducing CSÖKE With Empowering Single "F.W.M"

CSÖKE is an artist from Sydney, Australia that I just stumbled upon today. The singer is soft with her vocals but very precise, and shockingly clear at first listen. On top of that the writing is uplifting. I haven't yet gotten into her other singles but today "F.W.M" is a song that definitely wont get out of my head easily. From her falsetto's to the smooth vibratos. Her music attempts to captures an empowering undercurrent in a number of broader themes around gender, identity, youth and sexuality, and self-ˇempowerment as the calling card of youth culture today. The track is the self titled track on her upcoming ep, titled the same. "F.W.M". Feel good about being yourself... Already it sounds like its going to be a fun project, make sure to check her out now.



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