Introducing Cathy Pham With Her First Record "Stay"

Introducing Cathy Pham, A Canadian artist. I'm very happy to be introducing her with her first ever song, Cathy Says "This song is a reflection of modern day relationships, it shows how many people fall in love and are genuinely happy but are held back by past relationship traumas.(trust issues, etc.) However, that doesn't mean it is the end of the newfound love, time and patience just needs to be taken." Her single is very impressive for a first track, there's no doubt in my mind that with focus and persistence this artist will be up to big things and bloom into the artist she was born to be. It starts with a phasing vocal and smooth keys, with more elements coming in slowly complimenting her lovely voice like soft claps and backwards piano, or what sounds like pads. We definitely hope to hear more and watch her grow. Stay is very reminiscent to a Jhene Aiko. Take a listen to stay now!



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