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Introducing Baby Strange With "Midnight"

Baby Strange end the year with Midnight. A dark & gritty glimpse into a sound & aesthetic that hinges between Melancholy and warped, hideous beauty. There is an underlying rawness to the energy sewn deep into the fabric of Glasgow that Baby Strange have harnessed with an unrelenting force. The band's fiery wit & tenacious attitude have consistently proven them to be two steps ahead of the curve. The single starts off with a menacing pace as we hear the drummers hi hats, rattling on and on to set the foundation of the instrumental. We then hear a teasers and taste of guitars, or bass. Finally we hear the amazing vocalist shine, the mix hits you in the chest and everyone apart of the single, each do their part in contributing into the greater idea present. The video for the single is also very fitting, it reminds us of a single that could be in Trainspotting, or one of those Y2K movies that are adrenaline fueled. Listen below to see what we mean, pump yourself up for the new years.


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