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Instagram- @mvtemvte - "Piggy bank" remix Ft Pete Sayke

MVTEMVTE and Pete Sayke Release "Piggy Bank Remix" – A Funky, Conscious Hip-Hop Track about Struggle and Success

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals and businesses have faced financial struggles, leading to a rise in scams and fraudulent activities. Chicago-based artist MVTEMVTE decided to address this issue in his 2020 release, "Piggy Bank." The track delves into his personal struggles with finances and his frustration with his job at the time.

Now, MVTEMVTE has teamed up with fellow Chicago artist Pete Sayke to release a remix of "Piggy Bank" that explores the same themes, but with an added dose of funky, conscious hip-hop.

The "Piggy Bank Remix" maintains the melodic elements of the original, but with a new edge. MVTEMVTE and Pete Sayke trade verses about their experiences with financial struggles and the pressure to succeed. The track is both introspective and motivational, encouraging listeners to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles in their way.

The funky beats and catchy hooks make the "Piggy Bank Remix" a track that you can't help but move to. It's a perfect blend of chill and experimental, showcasing the unique style of both MVTEMVTE and Pete Sayke.

As with many of MVTEMVTE's tracks, there's a strong message behind the music. "Piggy Bank Remix" encourages listeners to be aware of financial scams and to strive for success in a legitimate way. It's a reminder that while money may be important, it's not worth sacrificing your morals and values for.

Overall, "Piggy Bank Remix" is a standout track that showcases MVTEMVTE and Pete Sayke's skills as both musicians and storytellers. It's a must-listen for fans of conscious hip-hop, as well as anyone who needs a little motivation to keep pushing through tough times.


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