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"Inside Out" By Keatsu

A fresh new artist i'm totally in awe by is Keatsu, his real name is Maciej Kuc. He's actually from Poland, based in Gdansk. Keatsu is inspired by the sound and style of John Frusciante, he listened to him a lot and it made him want to pick up his first guitar at the age of 15 trying to imitate Frusciante. After graduating from school, at the age of 22, he starting producing his own electronic compositions. After over a year of intense work, searching for his true voice and independently releasing songs this led him to this moment where he could finally get out of hiding. "Inside Out" is a perfect blend of soft rock with synth. The beginning starts with a colorful Dx7 sounding synth with guitars that sounds like could be played at a prom. He definitely is showing us his skill as a producer with bringing in instrumentals subtly like the backing pad and organ. On top of all of this are his full vocals, he shows us his range, from sensitivity to dominance. He's currently working on his first album and we hope to hear more from him.



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