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Imaani - "Best Of My Love"

Imaani, the powerhouse of talent known for her impressive career in Jazz Funk, takes the spotlight once again in the world of house music with the electrifying remake of "Best Of My Love." Originally released in 1977 by the US band, The Emotions, this track has stood the test of time and is officially regarded as one of the greatest tunes ever, spanning across RnB, pop, and disco genres. What makes this revival even more special is that both the song and video were recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, adding a touch of timeless charm to the project.

The collective behind this remarkable revival, known as "Revival," comprises Christopher Peyton (Vocalist), James F. Reynolds (Producer), Paul Gardner (Producer/DJ), and Mousse T. (Producer/DJ), all of whom have roots dating back to the 90s house scene. Revival was born as a passion project aimed at reinterpreting classic songs into uplifting dance records infused with elements of house, disco, and soul. Their motivation stems from a profound love for house music and a desire to create dance records that can be enjoyed by multiple generations.

Revival is more than just a project; it's a narrative in the making. Each song they select to give the full Revival treatment is carefully chosen from a vast pool of possibilities and represents a unique chapter in their musical journey. "Best Of My Love" marks their latest chapter, and it's poised to be one of their most exhilarating yet. To tackle a song with such versatility and enduring appeal, Revival sought out an artist with a career that mirrored both qualities, and they found the perfect fit in the immensely talented Imaani.

Imaani's career is nothing short of impressive. She's graced stages around the world, often performing with the Jazz Funk band, Incognito, on no less than twelve studio and three live albums. Her roots in house music run deep, with solo hits like 'Found my Light' on Reel People Music and features on tracks from The Layabouts and Copyright, including the anthemic 'Wizeman' on Defected Records. Her extensive experience includes collaborations and performances with legendary artists such as Nile Rodgers, Chaka Khan, Maceo Parker, and many more. Notably, in the late 90s, Imaani made history as the first black artist to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, claiming the runner-up spot and earning a Top 20 hit in the UK and across Europe.

On "Best Of My Love," Imaani shares her excitement, stating, "Working with the Revival team on 'Best Of My Love' has been immense! I love that we've managed to bring an all-time classic song bang into the future with such an uplifting treatment. I'm sure that alongside the die-hard soul fans, it will bring a whole new raft of music lovers along for the ride…The infectious energy of this track is just impossible to ignore!"

With "Best Of My Love," their fifth release, Revival continues to gain momentum. An album announcement and more thrilling artist collaborations are on the horizon in the coming months. This collective is committed to delivering reinterpretations of beloved classics, injecting much-needed joy into the dancefloor and reminding us all of the timelessness of great music.

"Revival Records and Imaani's 'Best Of My Love' is out now." Don't miss out on this electrifying fusion of the past and present, as Imaani and Revival breathe new life into a cherished classic.


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