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iLy Kuro "The Prettiest"

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Every song you hear from iLY Kuro elicits a unique emotional response, feelings that only the greatest musicians of our time could ever draw out across a wide array of sounds. Despite the mysterious nature of his online presence, the 18 year old originating from Manchester is here to take over the game. Kuro has only been making music seriously for about a year now, but the second you press play on any of his songs, you’re instantly teleported to another world by the tone of his voice and vividly engaging lyrics. His latest offering "The Prettiest" came about as a collaboration between himself and Venezuelan producer Carze, who has worked with some of the biggest bubbling artists in the Spanish world such as Rojuu and Saramalacera. While iLy Kuro is a new artist we can tell the emotion he gives off is genuine and this is only a taste of whats to come from the young artist. His voice is full of feeling and the poppy summer feeling beat was perfect for the occasion


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