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ILiona Blanc Presents A Slam Hit With Her Newest Single "You're My Kind Of Man"

If you haven't heard of this artist yet then your in for a treat, ILiona Blanc is a singer, songwriter and director from Los Angles that has recently becoming an uprising artist. She has a track called "GoldFingers" and "Your My Kind Of Man". Recently she has released a music video for her newest track "You're My Kind Of Man". The visuals for this track are so dynamic and fun, I love how she used influences from Kill Bill into her music video as she says " James Bond Girl Meets Kill Bill". The beginning of the song starts off with a shotgun noise leading onto what sounds like an acoustic guitar cords as well as her strong vocals coming along being so bold and full. The whole video captures the essence of the track very sexual and naughty, in the video I enjoy the whole love story going on throughout the video, she's dressed in business attire, next to lingerie and her "Man". It's such an intense video for any woman listening to it, it will make you feel good and confident. ILiona is expressing to a man that he's her type of man and wants him to all for herself. She only has two tracks and two music videos out right now but i know there's more this artist is working on. Her videos are gathering people's attention and she isn't planning on stopping now. The video is very spontaneous and creative. It has about 8.6 k views and was recently released this month, it definitely a track to listen to and a fantastic video to watch. Check it out!

Make Sure To Check Out Her Socials!

Twitter: @ilionablanc

Instagram: @iliona.blanc


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