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il:lo - "Ink"

French electronic duo il:lo have kicked off the new year with the release of their ethereal new single "Ink." The track, which was released on all digital retailers, is a slow burner that begins with floating strings that give way to a boom-bap beat and lush beds of low-end synths, creating a mesmerizing sonic microcosm.

Il:lo elaborates on the new song: "Ink is representative of what we love to make, an aerial piece that mixes acoustics and electronics. Harps and pianos mingle with arpeggios and analog sequences. This downtempo piece is an invitation both to dream with its hovering and nostalgic samples but also to dance with groovy synths and drums."

The duo, which is based in Germany and France, is made up of producers Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz, who met in Prague in 2010. They quickly formed a collaborative flow that spawned their dynamic and sprawling electronic act il:lo. Their most recent album, Sloh, has garnered over 10 million Spotify streams and the duo has recently been added to rotation on Sirius XM Chill and received substantial play across curators at BBC Radio 1.

In 2021, they did two striking performances for Anjunadeep Live in stunning locations, showcasing their sound in Montpellier and Canyon Du Diable. The pair also completed a global tour, with plays at the iconic boutique Anjunadeep Explorations festival in Albania and tour support for Parra For Cuva, Stimming, Janus Rasmussen, CloZee, and Zimmer.

2022 also proved to be a milestone year for the duo with releases on Anjunadeep, Bitbird, and Future Classic, well-received remixes for CloZee, Emancipator, and Panama, and the release of their first single with vocals, the striking "Shifted" featuring Fractures.

"Ink" is another great example of il:lo's unique sound and is a must-listen for fans of downtempo electronic music. Be sure to check out the track on all digital retailers and follow the duo's journey in the coming year.


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