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Ice Meez - “Fake Friends”

In his latest single "Fake Friends," Ice Meez addresses the all too common theme of dealing with false friendships and people who are only around for their own benefit. The song starts off with a sample of Usher's "Lovers and Friends," setting the tone for a nostalgicically familiar beat. But as the song progresses, Ice Meez's unique flow and clever lyrics set him apart from the original.

One thing that stands out in "Fake Friends" is the authenticity in Ice Meez's lyrics. He speaks from personal experience, addressing situations and people that he has encountered in his own life. His words are relatable and hit home for many listeners who have also dealt with fake friends. But it's not just the lyrics that make this song stand out. Ice Meez's delivery is smooth and effortless, adding depth and emotion to his message.

In addition to "Fake Friends," Ice Meez has a catalog of impressive work. His music has been used in film and commercials, and he has worked with notable artists such as Sage the Gemini, E40, and San Quinn. With roughly a decade of experience in the music industry, it's clear that Ice Meez is a talented and versatile artist.

Aside from his musical career, Ice Meez is also a single father to a 10 year old daughter. He finds solace in creating music, using it as a way to cope with the challenges of life and fatherhood. It's this vulnerability and honesty that make Ice Meez such a relatable and compelling artist.

Overall, "Fake Friends" is a standout single from Ice Meez. His authentic lyrics and smooth delivery make for a powerful and relatable track. With a strong catalog of work and a dedicated fanbase, it's clear that Ice Meez is an artist to watch out for in the future.


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