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Iamtheliving and Teon Gibbs With Between The Groove

Rian Peters, better known by his stage name iamtheliving, hails from South East London UK but now resides in Vancouver, Canada. His musical background boasts a wealth of diverse experience, a distinct voice that stands alone, and the ability to create music that speaks volumes. In February of 2016, during a trip to LA, he was fortunate enough to be introduced to Canadian, Grammy and Juno Award winning producer/Songwriter, Chin Injeti - and after his move to Canada in 2018 they soon began to break ground writing and creating music together. The partnership Rian and Chin have motivates each other and inspire one another to create a sound that is authentic, futuristic, culturally fluid and yet classic in its tone. Vancouver, BC is where Rian believes he truly found himself as an artist - motivated and inspired by the lifestyle of the west coast; being surrounded by incredible nature and having the privilege to breath fresh air every day; seeing how the power of music can connect with people from all walks of life; and encouraging others to have a positive mindset and strive for overall well-being. The single "Between The Groove" sounds like lofi house. Iamtheliving is remeniscent to Childish Gambino with his falsetto and infectious groove. The feature is also well delivered, a fun and needed counterpart for the smooth singer. Take a listen here.




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