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IamSnap - "Loner"

Become mesmerized with "Loner," an offering by the gifted Australian Rapper/Songwriter IamSnap. The single basically feels like alternative hip-hop and pop rap, providing an engaging listen that blends happy, epic, and chill moods we think big time.

For those wholike Illy, Cheap Sober, Huskii, 360, and Kid Cudi, "Loner" is likely to resonate with them we think. The track has a melodic rap flavor, drawing comparisons to Kid Cudi, layered over a wet trap beat. While not much more information has been released about the single, its straightforward approach to combining melodic rap with trap elements creates an calm musical experience that makes you feel like you're in space.

IamSnap isn't new to the industry though. He gained significant recognition in 2020 when he featured on a project (DJ Cell Smoke Chronicles) alongside the iconic E-40. This project soared, peaking at #4 on the U.S iTunes Charts. It later charted again in 2021, climbing to #1 on iTunes and #20 on Billboard. Listen now!


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