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iamnotshane With His Amazing Track "Paint A Smile On That Face"

Introducing upcoming artist iamnotshane who is a singer-songwriter, he projects indie pop music that came onto the scene with his bedroom produced SAD EP. His highly visual self directed music videos launching with "Insecure" and subsequent songs off his self-titled EP released in 2020, the music has garnered over 34 million streams to date. Having a unique sound to his tracks is what really grasps his listeners to his attention. Following the release of his newest single "Paint A Smile On That Face" he starts the track with a EDM beat leading onto his captivating and luscious vocals, he completes this track entirely. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just spending time at a party and just jamming to the music. To explain the track further it's about just feeling the moment and letting all your worries go away. Sometimes to feel better you gotta just have a smile on your face and remove the negative thoughts behind you. It's a great track to just listen and hear the beat move within your feet. Go stream "Paint A Smile On That Face" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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