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Introducing "COLDEST CHRISTMAS" by HYV, a fresh and energetic rap track set to redefine holiday music. Released by NEXT WAVE RECORDS, this single blends the grittiness of Rap and Grime with the festive spirit of Holiday Music, creating a unique and vibrant anthem perfect for the season. "COLDEST CHRISTMAS" is not your typical festive song. Far from being a gimmick or a cash grab, this track is a staple for the holiday season, showcasing HYV's innovative approach to music. The song features an edgy drill beat and ice-cold wordplay, making it a standout piece in HYV's career and a monument to his growing influence in the underground rap scene. HYV, an underground trailblazing artist, holds a deep personal connection to Christmas, which is reflected in his music. “Christmas has always been so important to me and my family," he says, explaining his motivation for creating another Christmas track following his debut EP "lowkey," released earlier in the summer. The process behind "COLDEST CHRISTMAS" is testament to HYV's dedication to his craft. He continues to create his own beats and songs in his home studio, releasing them through independent record label Next Wave Records in partnership with HGO media. Despite the success of his summer EP, HYV remains true to his roots, contributing to the UK rap scene with his distinctive style and sound. HYV's confidence in his rapping ability is evident in "COLDEST CHRISTMAS," a track that is just one example of his potential for widespread recognition. Looking ahead to 2024, HYV has ambitious plans for another EP featuring experimental, drill, and pop beats, showcasing his versatility as an artist. He is focused on quality over quantity, emphasizing the importance of his craft in his upcoming releases. Listen below to see what we mean for yourself.


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