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Huskii - "Heroin Rap"

Introducing Huskii, Since 2016, the underground heavyweight, has gained a die-hard audience through his painfully raw storytelling and harrowing lyricism; with songs discussing his own battles with addiction, depression and incarceration. Heroin Rap is critical to Antihero and my story, it represents people and parts of my past, family included, who made me into the person I am and the reason for trying to grow into a better one. This is a dirty, emotional and raw track, it’s not a feel good song but it’s an important one and part of Huskii nonetheless. The single is not what you would usually suspect from an artist based in the UK. This is a bit grittier than most, the vocal is abosolutly menacing, dark and serious. While the single is short and doesn't have a hook it is absolutely addicting what Huskii is serving up to us. The music video defintely helps the painted picture become clearer with the visuals. Listen below.


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