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Hunter Blair Ambrose - "Runaway"

Hailing from New York and currently residing in Los Angeles, Hunter Blair Ambrose is a musical artist who has been deeply passionate about the performing arts since a young age. From the tender age of five, she began exploring her love for music and singing. Over time, her passion evolved into formal vocal lessons and piano training, leading her to study music and theater throughout her schooling years. Hunter's professional journey in the pop music industry started at the age of 17 when she was mentored by Grammy Award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden. Under his guidance, she recorded and co-wrote her first tracks as a solo artist between 2013 and 2014. Following this early success, Hunter went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. During her time at Berklee, Hunter connected with various producers, writers, and engineers, eventually forming a core team that would help her create her debut studio EP and album titled "Scorpio Rising" (2020) and "Scorpio Season" (2021). The lead single from these projects, "November," achieved viral success and featured an interpolated sample of Lady Gaga's 2010 hit "Alejandro."

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Rosalía, and Rihanna, Hunter strives to create stylized content that aligns with her artistic vision. Her music blends captivating production with visceral lyrics, inviting her audience into her unique artistic universe. Renowned for her powerful vocals, extensive range, and provocative visuals, Hunter continually evolves her music and style, reflecting her personal growth and experiences with each release. Hunter Blair Ambrose has recently released her latest single titled "Runaway." This dance-pop track, co-written by Hunter herself, explores the theme of leaving behind past traumas and regrets to embrace a fresh start. "Runaway" encapsulates the idea of both escaping from one's past and evading the vulnerability that new experiences and love often bring. The song reflects Hunter's own journey of making a significant life change—relocating from New York to Los Angeles. It encapsulates the fear and excitement that accompany embarking on a new chapter in life, encompassing new relationships, friendships, work opportunities, and a fresh beginning.

"Runaway" features an emotive vocal performance accompanied by danceable and electric production, infused with a retro 1980s synth-pop influence while incorporating modern touches. Hunter skillfully weaves her personal narrative into this hybrid synth-pop sound, drawing inspiration from The Weeknd's album "Dawn FM" as well as 1980s production influences from artists like Majid Jordan, Zara Larsson, and SG Lewis. With a four-on-the-floor dance beat and an explosive chorus reminiscent of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's melodic and vocal stylings, "Runaway" takes listeners on a journey of losing oneself in music as an escape while simultaneously grappling with the fear of opening up to love once again.

Hunter Blair Ambrose continues to establish herself as a dynamic and innovative artist, pushing the boundaries of pop music with her introspective lyrics, infectious melodies, and captivating performances. As she evolves as an individual, her artistry grows alongside her, reflecting her present experiences and emotions through her music. With "Runaway," Hunter invites us to join her on this transformative journey, urging us to embrace new beginnings and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.


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