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hrishi With His Quirky Track "Paul McCartney (superstar)"

Upcoming artist hrishi is a Indian songwriter based out of Washington, DC. Trained in South Indian classical music for over 10 years, he tries to blend his cultural influences with his love for pop song-writers such as Jon Bellion, Lauv, Chris Martin, and many more. Following his first single "Paul McCartney (superstar)" it's such a cute and quirky track that anyone would definitely enjoy. Having a fun and interactive music video it truly captures the whole essence of this track as well as bringing it to a different light. Starting with a upbeat sound leading onto his immensely great vocals you'll instantly fall in love. The chorus is for sure something very catchy that gives this track a fun little twist for a listeners to sing along. To explain the track further it's about wanting to be this girl and do anything he can to conquer her. It's a cute cheesy track that will truly capture you ears. Be on the look for more of hrishi tracks on the way!


Instagram: @hrishisongs



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