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Hotline With Their Melancholy Track "Lovesick"

Introducing upcoming band "Hotline" they are a three-brained band made in France. After multiple experiences, they created a new audacious universe: a special harmonic blend between pop and hip-hop. Starting in 2013, Simon, Guillaume and Léo started to play together in a garage band. The three became familiar with stage and studio experiences. They won’t need long to transition from teenage garage music to something more mature and professional. Thanks to other people they started working with, they began discovering the world of the musical industry, with a new project that never saw light because they soon realized they wanted to make it on their own. That’s when Hotline came to birth. They recorded their first single 'The Gram' in the Sodasound studio in Paris in June 2020, after they had some time perfecting the project away from everyone, in quarantine. Following this, 'The Gram' amazed more than one because it gathered 10 thousand streams in less than two weeks! They're now onto their second single and it is very promising. Following the release of his newest track "Lovesick" they project a very soothing sound that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the track with a soft beat leading onto their loud and sweet vocals they complete the track fully. The soothing energy this track presents will surely get your head nodding. Explaining the track further it's about is about past lovers and the awkward feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself”, the group explain. “Wondering if you will ever find someone like them.” This track capture a feeling that at times people go through which makes it way more relatable, at times you really love someone and thinking about what if they left will i ever find someone that I had the same chemistry with. It's perfect for a late night drive or just being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Lovesick" and check out their discography, their a fresh band but surely ones to watch!



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