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Hotel - "Space"

Welcoming Hotel with his latest track "Space". This track is a mesmerizing mix of different moods, sure to appeal to fans of Travis Scott, Yeat, Destroy Lonely, Playboi Carti, and Baby Smoove. "Space" captures a hazy, melancholic vibe, masterfully combined with the invigorating elements of Detroit beats, all self-produced by Hotel which we think is dope, more artist should self produce so no one can hold them back or tell them what they can or can not do. The track stands out with its airy vocals, almost a cool and calm nonchalant flow, floating over a fast-paced beat that gives it a distinct character. The hi-hats in particular seem to dance throughout the track, adding a rhythmic complexity that's both captivating and refreshing. Hotel's writing is another highlight of "Space." It's smooth, yet packed with emotion, demonstrating the artist's ability to convey deep feelings through his lyrics. The delivery is impeccable, adding to the overall melancholic yet energetic atmosphere of the song. Listen now.


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