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Hot Tub - "We Move in Time"

Get ready to vibe to "We Move In Time," a deep house masterpiece by Hot Tub, the artistic alter ego of Canadian multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Ryan Krumins. This track is a rich tapestry of sound designed specifically for dance floors and exudes influences from notable artists like Shiba San, Elderbrook, and Camelphat we think, if you like them, then you'll love Hot Tub.

Born from the serenity and inspiration found during a hot springs camping trip in the Pacific Northwest, "We Move In Time" captures the essence of Hot Tub's unique musical approach. By leveraging his indie-rock background, Krumins crafts a singular deep house soundscape that goes beyond the traditional sound you hear at those beach parties. With intricate synth work, dynamic basslines, acoustic guitar elements, and even his own vocals, he creates a multi-layered musical experience we think.

Alongside its predominant deep house and tech house elements, you'll find glimpses of euro dance and 80s pop, especially in the softer rapping portions. It's a song that refuses to be boxed into one category, a testament to Hot Tub's innovative approach to production.

As you lose yourself in the grooves, you'll find that the track resonates well with fans of artists like RÜFÜS DU SOL and Elderbrook. It possesses the ability to both ground and uplift listeners, drawing them into its rhythm while allowing room for introspection—a rare feat in the realm of dance music. Listen now.


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