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Horror Futures - "Shaky Aesthetics"

Horror Futures is an interesting band with a unique approach to music. Their song "Shaky Aesthetics" is a post-rock dream pop track that is full of energy and optimism. The song captures the feeling of a road trip, with its rolling hills, google maps, and bits of chaos. It is a perfect soundtrack for a journey where you just want the road to extend forever toward the horizon.

Horror Futures is an experimental musical group that was formed in 2015. They have developed a music style that combines electronics and electric guitar, quiet ambiance, and noisy melodies. Their music has a cinematic vibe that aims to crash your mind into pieces. The band was formed through a Craigslist listing titled "Looking for Brave Musicians Interested in Living Their Nightmares."

The band's name, Horror Futures, reflects their love for the horror genre and their willingness to explore the darker aspects of human existence. They are not afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles, which is evident in their music. The band's approach to music is refreshing, and they are definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of post-rock, dream pop, or experimental music.


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