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Honas With His Soothing Track "I Can Get You Out Of This"

Introducing upcoming artist Honas he's a Irish singer-songwriter who combines an honest, raw style of songwriting with a sonic palette inspired by the work of Bon Iver, The 1975 and Tycho with memorable guitar lines, choppy beats and lush, swirling synths. Having spent the first half of his 20s writing with and producing for other artists, as well as being a key member of Irish indie-outfit Orchid Collective, Honas then turned his attention to putting his debut album together, all through 2019. After amassing over nearly 2M streams from his first 3 singles, Honas now brings I Can Get You out of This into the world. This track projects a sound that you certainly would want to keep replaying. Starting the track with a soothing beat leading onto his soft and luscious vocals he completes this track entirely. To explain what the track is about it's about the complexity that's still around mental health. People can feel helpless when trying to help a loved one or friend who's struggling. Because we're all still learning how to deal with and talk about mental health, it's a common mistake to over-simplify these issues too. At its core, the song is someone professing their love for someone else, and their desire to help in any way they can. But there is a sense of desperation too, and a naivety that only adds to that. To the production and the vocals this track enters into a more sentimental and emotional side that will truly captivate your ears. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone in your thoughts. It's surly a soft and soothing track will definitely grasp your ears. Go stream "I Can Get You Out Of This" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing songs.






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