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Hold Me Back By Green Wav Muzik (Prod Colter Jack)

Green Wav Muzik is a San Diego based group, they have come out with an awesome track called "Hold Me Back". Green Wav I've noticed is a very different group, they are a refreshing mix of new rap and old rap! They catch their audience's attention with their catchy beats and flowing lyrics making a perfect combination for any rap track! Kushy Liberance happens to produce most of their own music sometimes, but the producer of this track is Colter Jack, he really did a phenomenal job producing on this track making sure it's something you can dance and groove to and really enjoy!

Green Wav Muzik is made up of three wicked guys, Yung Don Dre, K-Spiff and Kushy Liberance. On the track "Hold Me Back" It is just the artists Yung Don Dre and K-Spiff, they did an awesome job working together on this track and working with Colters beat, the way their lyrics and voices flow together it makes the track very upbeat yet aggressive. The underground style Green Wav does attract a variety of people, especially on this track the beat sounds very mystical and has a pop music feel (beat by Colter Jack) but still has the underground tone, the lyrics also pull you into the track with the catchy rhythm that Don Dre and Spiff put together with the tone of their voices, they flow together so well you can't help but have this track stuck in your head!

Overall Colter Jack, Yung Don Dre and K-Spiff did a fantastic job on this track really pulling in their listeners! Green Wav Muzik really shows their abilities to the fullest with their music, each track is unique, fresh and exciting in its own way, I can't wait to listen to their upcoming tracks and I hope you can't either!


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