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HOKO - "Ephemera"

Introducing HOKO, the New York-based duo consisting of Nathaniel Hoho on vocals and Jesse Kotansky on guitar, are redefining the boundaries of alternative music with their immersive pop-infused sound. Their musical fusion stretches across a 360-degree spectrum, combining elements of alternative rock, indie pop, and danceable grooves. Their latest track, "Ephemera," falls under the Pop Rock genre, with shades of Indie Rock and Indie Pop woven in.

The essence of "Ephemera" is a captivating interplay between guitars and bright keys against a breezy beat. The chorus, "How do you do it? How do you forget?" resonates with palpable emotion, reflecting the universal struggle of moving on after a relationship's end. The song's powerhouse hook is an invitation for listeners to sing along, showcasing HOKO's knack for crafting memorable melodies. This release follows the success of their fan-favorite "In The Summer," which has been gaining momentum on streaming platforms.

Currently, HOKO is on tour, providing direct support for Weathers and almost monday. Their tour spans major markets across the country, culminating in Richmond, VA on August 25. This tour adds to their extensive live experience, as they have already packed venues nationwide.

The duo's journey began with the release of their independent debut EP, "Heathen," in 2021. This release garnered over 50 million streams, propelling them into the limelight. Notably, their single "OK OK" earned more than 4.9 million Spotify streams and captured the attention of EQT, leading to a signing in 2020. Inspired by an eclectic mix of artists including David Bowie, Queen, Tame Impala, and The Beatles, HOKO's sound defies easy categorization.

The convergence of Nathaniel's street-busking roots and Jesse's diverse musical experiences birthed a partnership that thrives on experimenting with new sounds in a pop space. Their music showcases a blend of psychedelia, rock, and pop, creating a sound that is both adaptable and magnificent in its execution. With each release, HOKO refines their unique sonic signature, gaining millions of streams and fans along the way.

As HOKO continues to push musical boundaries, their 2023 singles for EQT Recordings/Republic Records, starting with "Hazy," offer a promising glimpse into the duo's evolving musical landscape. Their willingness to explore uncharted territories within the pop-rock genre positions them as a dynamic force to watch in the music industry. Through their immersive soundscapes and undeniable pop hooks, HOKO is carving a path that is uniquely their own.


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