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HJ Soul - "Friday Evening"

HJ Soul, the acclaimed R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, has a musical journey that's as soulful as his sound. He burst onto the scene with a soulful vibe, initially covering songs, and has since evolved into a talented songwriter, narrating his own unique story through music. His latest EP, 'Illusions,' is a testament to his creativity and thoughtful approach to music.

In 'Illusions,' especially within the song 'Friday Evening,' HJ Soul explores the complexities of romance in a relationship. He delves into the 'so-called' expectations that can often create hurdles in love. These unspoken desires and preconceived notions can be obstacles to open communication within a relationship. HJ Soul's lyrics subtly represent these expectations, which often remain mere 'illusions.' The EP's name aptly reflects the notion that if individuals within a relationship could break free from their self-imposed boundaries and communicate their needs, the 'illusion' of separateness could transform into a flourishing, beautiful connection.

HJ Soul's journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He gained recognition with his first EP, 'Soul Desires,' which brought a fresh contemporary R&B sound to the forefront. The track 'Fantasy' from this EP resonated deeply with listeners and set him on a path to success. He followed this with 'Desired,' an EP that embodied the soulfulness of 90s R&B, showcasing his appreciation for the genre's rich history.

HJ Soul is not only an artist but also a crusader for a significant cause. He has consistently used his music to raise awareness about mental health, a crucial topic in today's world. His album 'All In The Mind,' released in 2022, is a testament to his commitment to this cause, with the titular track being a part of this initiative.

What's more, HJ Soul's creative journey is ongoing. He's set to release another EP, 'My Love,' this summer, and you can expect more soulful singles later this year. His music is a heartfelt exploration of love, relationships, and important social issues, making him a notable figure in the contemporary R&B scene. Keep an ear out for his soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics as he continues to serenade our hearts. Listen below.


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