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Hiest - "Dreamway"

Welcoming Hiest to the lo-fi scene with their latest instrumental gem, "Dreamway." This track is a smooth entry into the world of lo-fi hip-hop, perfectly aligning with the vibes of study beats, jazz-hop, and chill-hop. This is something that I swear you can see the morning due in the morning with the cold weather that you could relax to, we think it's like a gentle nod to the laid-back rhythms that define this genre, inviting listeners into a world of chilled-out beats and moods. The mood of "Dreamway" is both chill and moody, creating a soundscape that's perfect for deep focus or just unwinding after a long day. The track's smoothness is reminiscent of artists like So-Ma and Umys, and it's easy to draw parallels to the style of hm surf. Hiest, though somewhat enigmatic with not much known about them, has created a mix that feels both familiar and fresh in the lo-fi hip-hop community. We think "Dreamway" is like a quiet conversation in a cozy café, where the beats are as important as the silence between them. It's a track that doesn't demand your attention but rather invites you to find comfort in its rhythm. The absence of lyrics allows the music to speak for itself, creating an atmosphere that's both introspective and inviting. Listen below now.


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