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Heurt - “hurt me”

Musician Heurt has recently released his latest single "hurt me," which is a track from his upcoming EP mosaic. This EP is a collection of ambient recordings of the city and acoustic demos that Heurt has written over the years. The vocal samples on the EP are all samples of Heurt's own voice, and the percussion and found-sound recordings are all built into rhythmic phrases.

Heurt's music is a blend of ambient soundscapes and live instrumentation, and the EP mosaic is a reflection of his love for layering melodies and creating emotive soundscapes. In terms of the writing and lyrics, Heurt's EP feels like a scrapbook of sound, with fully formed piano tracks being sliced, stretched, and stitched back into new musical and lyrical phrases.

If you're a fan of ambient music and emotive soundscapes, then be sure to check out Heurt's upcoming EP mosaic. "hurt me" is a powerful and emotive single that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Give it a listen and let Heurt's music take you on a journey.


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