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Herr Krank - "French Crush"

Introducing Herr Krank with "French Crush". A disco beat, a funky bassline, some piano notes, acid lines, all the elements are there to allow Herr Krank to deliver his latest "French Crush", a track influenced by Kerri Chandler's piano house music or Daft Punk's French Touch. With its nostalgic, warm and reassuring vibe, this track becomes the ideal piece to listen to on a beach in front of a sunset in summer. The single is absolutely reminiscent daft punk in a great way. The artist delivers a modern sounding disco like single that makes you just want to dance and point that finger up and down, on beat of course. We think the sound selection is absolutely amazing. We think we want to hear more music from the artist and think they are bound to be a star of the future. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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