Herizen Introduces Her Captivating Track "Demon"

Introducing one amazing artist known as Herizen, always communicating truth in her music. Distilling emotional alternative, grunge distortion, hip-hop bravado, fearless experimentation, and R&B spirit into dark pop magic, she finds joy on the other side of heartbreak and unearths light from struggle. Tallying over 20 million streams independently and receiving praise from PAPER, Wonderland, and more, the singer, actress, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist explores these extremes on her 2020 upcoming EP. Following her newest release "Demon" she projects a very soothing but yet an upbeat sound that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto her loud and intoxicating vocals she completes this track entirely. While having a lovely track she also brings in her listeners into a much more deeper side of the song with an amazing music video, Directed by Mitchell deQuilettes (Childish Gambino / Absofacto / Hodgy Beats) the ‘Demon’ video was shot on the empty streets of LA. The ominous visual follows Herizen in the early hours of the morning walking around the city after a fall out with her partner. To explain the track a bit further it's about a relationship that was very loving and also very destructive. It starts off with a little bit of anger and follows the emotional roller coaster of this romance. It's a very relatable and captivating track that you will surly enjoy. Go stream "Demon" and check out Herizen discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.