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Hel Clecs - "Sound of Thunder"

“Sound of Thunder” is a track that showcases the impressive chemistry and collaboration between Lord Willin and Mr. Phormula. The two artists have a long history of working together, and it shows in the seamless blend of their respective styles on this single.

Mr. Phormula, the Welsh beatboxer and lyricist, brings his signature gritty sound to the track with his hard-hitting beats and clever wordplay. His production work on the single is top-notch, with tightly coiled music that really hits hard.

Lord Willin, the Rhode Island legend, complements Mr. Phormula’s style perfectly with his smooth and confident flow. His writing on the track is sharp and clever, and he delivers his verses with a finesse that really elevates the track.

Together, Lord Willin and Mr. Phormula create something truly special with “Sound of Thunder.” The single is a perfect example of how two artists can come together and create something greater than the sum of their parts. It’s a banger that feels classic, with a boom bap sound that will have listeners nodding their heads from start to finish.

Overall, “Sound of Thunder” is a standout single from “Hel Clecs” (Welsh for “Spreading Rumors”), the collaborative project from Lord Willin and Mr. Phormula. The duo have truly outdone themselves with this track, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of both artists. If you’re a fan of tight production, clever writing, and smooth flows, then “Sound of Thunder” is a track that you won’t want to miss. It’s available now on all platforms via Bard Picasso Records, so be sure to check it out and support these talented musicians.


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