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Heir Metal - "217" (feat. Marshall Brown, Circadian Cruise & Devereaux)

Welcoming today we have Heir Metal, in collaboration with Marshall Brown, Circadian Cruise, and Devereaux, presenting "217." Released under the MMMMM label, this track is a vibrant fusion of Synthpop and Synthwave bright as day we think, breathing life into the air of change and revitalization. The number 217 symbolizes the dawn of something novel and invigorating. As the beats kick in, the energy really starts carrying a danceable rhythm that propels the listener forward. The vocals, leave you with a sense of liberation, riding the waves of the feel-good dance beat. There's a distinct quality to the wet vocals, adding a layer of dynamism that syncs seamlessly with the overall ambiance of the track. The collaboration between Heir Metal, Marshall Brown, Circadian Cruise, and Devereaux is a testament to the synergy that arises when talented artists join forces. Each element in "217" plays a crucial role we think big time, contributing to a musical piece that really grabs the essence of fresh starts we think. Listen now!


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