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Heartracer - "Txt Me Back"

Introducing Heartracer with the latest single "Txt Me Back". Upon listening, within the first few seconds we were already obsessed. The live performance video is something that you just cant remove your eyes off of. The musicians tell us "Alternative/pop band Heartracer led by brothers Chris and Chip Cosby, return with the “poppy, punchy” (-V13) new single “Txt Me Back”. It is the centerpieces of the forthcoming album The Feel in terms of its message and sonic nature." The synth pop feeling within the single is there, very reminiscent to the late 80s we think. The snare and kick are there for that four on the floor feeling, but the guitars give it that late 80s feeling. The vocals are like the sword in the stone for us and really solidifies the feeling of that late night vibe. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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